"Vom Zauber der Realität" 29.04-05.06.2017

Ab dem 29.04 zeigt das Kunsthaus Summerau die Gemeinschaftsausstellung der georgischen Künstlerin Rusudan Khizanishvili, die als Vertreterin von Georgien in deren Pavillion 2015 an der Biennale in Venedig mitwirkte und Brigitte J. Schaider, die 2017 zur Biennale in Venedig vertreten sein wird.


"The magic of reality" 29.04-05.06.2017
From the 29th of April the Kunsthaus Summerau will present the joint exhibition of the Georgian artist Rusudan Khizanishvili, who participated as a representative of Georgia in her Pavilion 2015 at the Venice Biennale and Brigitte J. Schaider, who will be present at the Venice Bienniale 2017.


Rusudan Khizanishvili 2017 im Kunsthaus Summerau

Rusudan Khizanishvili

The canvas is an escape road or connection to the new world of my imagination. I see the canvas like a door. So, I create inter-dimensional portals in my painting, in so far as I use the image of the animals as a symbolic entrance between cultures, nations, and identities. My animals are a reflection of a past life to the present. They are also the doors which guide me to an unknown world,  full of stories. It is a mystical underground way which is neither romantic nor attractive. Therefore, I mean hardships and storms of life are background to the new world of escape or freedom. Sunglasses,masks, geometrical elements, lipsticks , postcards, and photos for example are some of the elements which are used for my paintings . Everything what can be around us must be used but without harming of environment.
Human beings, fantastic animals and expressive characters as a cultural phenomenon are the main
subjects of the paintings of mine. “The Gravity Space” is the central axis of the upcoming shows for
this year. "The Gravity Space" recreates its own symbolism that constructs a parody of modern
streams and their cultural, political and social impact. Daily routine will be depicted at the pictures.
Women with their wishes, ups and downs, and thoughts are going to be the main characters, as
usual. Sunglasses, masks, geometrical elements, lipsticks, postcards, and photos for example, are
some of the elements that are used for these paintings. All the parts of the environment are allowed
to be used, without making any harm, though.
 I am making collages as well. These are created using a similar process. I reconstruct, assemble, and juxtapose found material and my own mark making. However, the collage drawings do not follow the same conceptual frame. Purposely open ended, my drawings incorporate doodles, lattices, adverts, book papers and illustrations I collect. They sometimes depict landscapes, figures, objects or can be completely non-objective. The intention of my process is to 'get lost ' in the translation and transformation which occurs between patterns, colors, textures and images. This process of transformation creates the possibility for new ideas to emerge within the drawings. Eventually this activity solidifies into an image in which opposing elements coexist and suggest a narrative.


Tbilisi,Georgia 2017





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